Player Testimonials
From tour professionals to weekend warriors, we've started a putting revolution. Whether it's a new low score or tournament win — let us hear about your Directed Force Putters experience by posting on our official Facebook page. Below are a few of our favorites —

I have won three times with it - NCPGA Senior Stroke Play Championship, SNCPGA Stroke Play Championship and the Hidden Valley Pro Am. Winning is great but why do I believe? Zero torque - not the slightest amount of strength needed to square the putter through the ball.

- Stuart Smith, PGA Professional

I’ve been putting with a long putter for over 25 years. No Longer! The Directed Force putter is the only putter in my lifetime that actually makes you putt better. The face automatically wants to go directly toward the hole. Absolutely amazing!

- Forrest Fezler, Member of the PGA Tour since 1972

I have to admit the Direct Force Putters has made the game fun again. The putter has allowed me to be conscious of just target all I do now is point and shoot. I can't wait to have the Direct Force Putters on the greens at tour events. # DFP for life.

Will Lowery, Golf Channel / Big Break star

Directed Force putters have changed my game forever. I have struggled in the past inside 10 feet and these last 3 months I have turned my putting around. I have made more putts and feel more confident then I ever have. This is a solid putter and will help anyone improve there game!

Josh Weeden, Touring Golf Professional

As you grasp the directional grip on your personally fitted putter, your confidence level is making you smile. Perfect balance, back and forth, eliminates distractions. Solid smooth rolling putts are yours. Expect your second putt to be very short, if you have one at all.You can forget all the science talk-this is a great putter because it performs.

- Bob G, Directed Force Gamer

The Directed Force putter was a big help in finishing #6 at the U.S. Kids Golf World Championship at Pinehurst, N.C. On the second hole par 3 I had a 30 foot putt for birdie and I made it, and on the ninth hole I had about 9 foot putt for par and I made it! The Directed Force putter did everything I just had to hit the ball! This putter is the BEST!

- Lauren Pierce

Unreal confidence inside 10 foot, no more knee-knocking 2 footers lipping out for another 3 putt, bye bye birdie to bogey holes, friends knowing that 4 footer uphill is a gimme, pick it up! Take your time to read the putt and know you can hit the line you need and start dropping 20 footers like you get paid for it!

- Clayton Eason

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